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Synposis of Recent Projects

  • The Liberty Mutual Surety project was a mechanical contractor default in the states of New York, Pennsylvania & Connecticut which involved 92 separate projects and totaled over $150 million dollars in contracts. This job was completed in January 2006.

  • The St. Paul / Travelers project in the states of Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana and Nebraska involves 8 separate projects and owners. They total an aggregate of about $76 million dollars with a single project of $48 million dollars. Our duties on this project include dealing with bond claimants (vendors and subs) evaluating their accounting, work completed and progress billings. We also tender and negotiate new contractors to complete the work as well as put together takeover agreements for additional contracts. Our professional consultants provide management for the completing contractors and the projects schedules. This project was completed in 2010.


  • The Zurich / NA project in New York City and downstate NY involves 7 different projects and owners totaling around $25 million dollars worth of contracts. We are currently negotiating with the bond claimants (vendors and subs), and evaluating their billing, accounting and level of work that has been completed. We are working with new contractors and negotiating tender agreements to complete the work. The project also involves putting together takeover agreements to ensure the completion of additional contracts. Our service includes accurate scheduling coordination & up to date communication. This project was completed in 2008.

  • The Liberty Mutual project involves several New England States, four different projects and totals about $9 Million dollars worth of contracts. Our team has successfully been coordinating the scope of the various projects, scheduling the contractors, resolving the project billings and accounting, and overseeing the completion of the project. We have tendered and negotiated with new contractors to complete the work as well as put together takeover agreements. This project was completed in 2007.

  • The Dulles Airport project was for US Fire and the law firm of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney and Carpenter in Dulles VA. The project was the renovation of the airport from top to bottom. Loewke Brill has brought in to assist in the defense of a claim brought by the sheet metal contractor against the prime contractor in the amount of $7million dollars. Specifically, Loewke Brill provided an expert report and testified during trial on it's findings and opinions. The claim was eventually settled in favor of the surety in 2010.


  • The Colonial Surety job was a utility contractor with traffic light installations at over 20 locations throughout New York State. Loewke Brill assisted the legal team in management for incoming and outgoing project proceeds. The jobs were all completed by 2011.


  • The Hartford Insurance job consisted of several large mechanical and electrical projects in the Baltimore area. The jobs ranged from military bases to hospitals. The total contract values were over $100 million dollars worth of work. Loewke Brill provided initial project assessments of each job and worked with The Hartford to negotiate completion contracts with new contractors. Loewke brill completed their portion of the work in 2011.


  • The Hanover Insurance job was the mechanical contractor on a $650 million dollar hospital project in Chicago, IL Loewke Brill was brought in to assist with the technical issues related to the mechanical work being performed and to assist in the monitoring of the contractor being financed to complete. The project completed in 2012.


  • The INSCO/DICO project was a plumbing contractor in Denver, Colorado. Loewke Brill was changed with assessing the 3 open projects and negotiating completion contractors with a replacement contract. This was all accomplished within a two week period. The project was completed in 2011.

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