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Initial Decision Maker

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) describes an Initial Decision Maker (IDM) as:

"The person identified in the agreement to render initial decisions on Claims...and certify termination of the agreement..."


IDM and the claims process:

  • Decisions within 10 days
  • Binding Decisions
  • Independent Report
  • Timely Documentation
  • Keep Project Moving


Effects of Timely Decisions
  • Greater Cost Control
  • Minimize Delays
  • Less On-site Fighting
  • E&O Insurance


Who Does the IDM Resolve Disputes With?
  • Disputes between Owner and Contractor
  • Disputes between Contractor and Architect
  • Disputes between Contractor and Construction Manager
  • Disputes between Contractor and Sub-Contractors
  • Disputes between Construction manager and Owner (contract modification required)
  • Disputes between Architect and Owner (contract modification required)
  • Disputes between Architect and Construction Manager (contract modification required)

IDM Plus
  • Included IDM Service
  • 2 - CPR's at intervals of your choice
  • Certified Payroll Service (SPOTA Bill)

IDM Platinum
  • IDM Plus Service Included
  • On-site job monitoring
  • Conflict Resolution (prior to IDM service)
  • Job progress documentation
  • Alternates/Substitutions assistance
  • Closeout Assistance
  • Submittal Monitoring

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