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Training & Seminars

Next Date scheduled is Thursday, May 3rd, 2012.  Spots are still available - click here to download a registration form.  Call Jim Loewke at 647-9350 for more information.  

Loewke & Brill Consulting Group provides a workshop in which we teach people in all facets of the construction industry survival in today's complex, litigious and misinformed "Construction Manager" industry. We teach the most comprehensive explanation of contractor's rights and remedies under the contract. We provide and explain in detail (in construction lingo) the actual laws of the industry. We also offer alternative ways to save money, increase cash flow, and shorten collection time. Here is a sample of our Training Seminar Schedule:

 Estimating Forms E-1 through E-3
Follow your bid deposits
 30 min
 Contracts  Form C-1
Contract terms A-Z
 60 min
 Supplemental Conditions  Form C-1
Supplemental terms A-Z
 60 min
 Owner Representatives  C/M or Clerk -what to do  20 min
 Mobilization Forms  PM-1 through PM-3
 What you really need
 45 min
 Paperwork/Laws  Forms P-1 through P-15
Copyrighted paperwork
 90 min
 Change Orders  Form CO-1 
What you need to get ALL your money
 25 min
 Disputes and Claims and D&C-1 through D&C 5
Learn how to protect yourself
 45 min
 Job Closeout  Forms JC-1 through JC-3
Close your project in 45 days
 25 min
 Any questions?  30 min

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